Wooden iPad Stand Doubles as Kitchen Accessory | Gadget Lab | Wired.com

Wired.com New York Bureau Chief John C Abell and I are engaged in the hunt for the perfect iPad stand. Mr. Abell, you may remember, got all creative and hacked together a shallow-angled typing stand from a pair of Home Depot door stops. I don’t type enough on the iPad to need that, so I currently use a perspex business card stand.

The Wooden Desktop Cradle for iPad looks like it may serve both our needs. The block of heavy wood is a simple slab with a pair of slots routed out. One slot will hold the iPad at 45º for typing and desktop use, the other at 18º for use as a photo-frame or movie-stand.

I’d be a little worried using such a thing when typing: The iPad is held along a single edge, and tapping away on the keyboard would turn it into a lever with startling glass-bending powers. For watching movies, though, it looks near-ideal. I have recently repurposed a Kradle Kindle stand, a very similar design (one which I called the World’s Ugliest Accessory) as the perfect in-bed iPad holder. Its large footprint makes it stable on a soft mattress, and – like this wooden cradle – it is flat, making storage and transport easy. Better still, flip it over and you have yourself an instant picnic chopping board. $18, available now.

Wooden Desktop Cradle for iPad [USB Fever]

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