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At first glance Notes+ doesn’t appear to be much more than a standard Notes app that can be had for free, perhaps even the one that came with your iPad. However if you take a chance on it you’ll notice it’s a good bit more than that. It’s “Notes”…”Plus”.

One of my reasons for even giving “Notes+” an honest look was the ability to export to Google Docs. I want the ability to have these notes on my desktop at home or work whenever I’m not using the iPad. I want to be able to share them with others without having to email a copy whenever I change something. For this reason the ability to export to Google Docs is a real bonus! My only wish is that the option to choose a specific folder within Google Docs is added in the future. Until then, even without it, the export choices make this a real important extra. I’ve read that Apple had the ability to “sync” its Notes application with different services, including Google Docs, in earlier versions of iOS, but each time it disappears. That’s such a shame, it’s a feature many want and will look to find elsewhere. Well, here it is.

So what exactly is Notes+ ($4.99)? It’s a note-taking program, not unlike Penultimate, Notes, and many others. The differences are subtle, but depending on user preference, they may turn out to be huge for you. Again, the biggest addition to Notes+ is the exporting to Google Docs (as well as Email and iTunes). However that is not all that makes this app what it is. Notes+ is a very clean looking app with a very striking resemblance to the Notes application that comes with the OS for iPad. Where Notes is for merely keying information, Notes+ is for handwriting as well. It combines the abilities to write and sketch with a finger or stylus with the typical keying on a virtual keyboard on the iPad.

Click for full version

Click for full version

Users can choose from 4 different paper choices, change font styles and colors, pen opacity and color, as well as pen-ink thickness. While creating a note users can use the text-input ability by creating a “textbox” of sorts. Create the box the size needed, add text, and even reposition it later if desired. Switch to the “writing” ability and simply write additional information on the note as well. Even if that were all that Notes+ did it would be a definite step above the standard Notes app on the iPad. However, it also gives users an easier way to input writing. Notes+ has incorporated a “Zoom-write” mode. In this mode users select an area of the note that they wish to write on, a pop-up appears below that section and is ‘zoomed in’ to allow users to write larger but have it appear the traditional size on the actual note (see image provided for a better understanding). It is a nice feature and really helps keep notes neat and clean looking.

Notes+ isn’t going to wow all users, and judging from earlier reviews I’ve seen it appears the app was plagued by crashes and issues early on.  It appears they have been corrected because I ran into nothing overly problematic.  Notes+ isn’t trying to be the end all of applications for taking notes. It doesn’t have a million buttons and options cluttering up the beautiful iPad glass either.  What it does do is gives users a practical note-taking application with some really nice features to boot.

Visit the Notes+ website for more information.

The author of this post is Jonathan “Red” Norman

“Jonathan” aka “ReDMoSqUi” aka “Jon” aka “Jack” aka “Red” is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and a Business Computer Technology teacher in North Carolina. Jon has worked on various websites since becoming interested in webdesign in the mid 90’s, including sites for bands such as Incubus and Dredg. “Red” is married with two children and has a weird obsession with technology, music, and Pittsburgh Penguins hockey! Contact me via email: jon (AT) or visit the link below to Buzz with me on Google.

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