iPad Daily App Of The Day | Access Home Photos Via Internet

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This iPad app of the day helps you access your home photo libraries via the cloud (Wireless, Edge, 3G).  With this app you can view all your home photos anywhere you have an active internet connection.

Cinq ($4.99)


Cinq is a very useful app if you have a lot of photos at home on your Mac or PC, on your Facebook page, or on Twitter (via TwitPic).  Using the internet to access information (cloud services) instead of storing it local is a way to save your local resources and gives you access to multiple storage locations at one time. Released on July 11th, 2010 Cinq has the following features:

  • View any picture from your home photo library (mac or pc) on your iPad securely
  • Share photos directly from your home photo library on Facebook and Twitter (Twitpic)
  • Connect to Facebook through Cinq to view photos
  • Photos from home are auto-optimized
  • Secure access to photos

Cinq is very easy to use and it requires that you download some free software for your home computer (Mac or PC) in order to allow for a secure connection over the Internet.  This took me just a few minutes to install and after that I was accessing my photos at home from a local coffeehouse!

If you like cloud-based apps and want to save room on your iPad then check Cinq out!

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