Will the iPad Change the Way We Use Technology?

apple-logo Apple

has a tendency to release products that are ahead of their time. They’ve done it with the iPod first, and then the iPhone. When both of these products were released, people didn’t think they would be ahead of their time, or hit sellers. Thanks to clever marketing, Apple was able to get its products to a huge audience. Even at this point, many years after the release of the iPod, and a few years after the release of the iPhone, both of these products have little competition. Sure, there are devices

that do exactly what Apple’s devices do. However, these didn’t come along until much later, when Apple already had control of the market.

ipad-image Now, with the iPad, many people are expecting different results. Some say it’s ahead of its time, while others say it’s not nearly as advanced as it should be. I think these people are missing the point. The iPad allows technology to be more personal than ever. Even with a laptop, you can’t take it everywhere without some hassle. The iPad is small enough and light enough to be taken everywhere in comfort. Because of this, it might be the start of a new age of technology.

Many people believe we already live in the “personal age” of technology. We use technology for everything. Almost everyone has a cell phone and a computer which help us stay connected to each other. However, most cell phones aren’t as advanced as computers, and those that are aren’t nearly big enough to fully enjoy. The iPad fixes all of these problems. It’s possible that in the future, iPads will become as common as cell phones. They can do nearly anything you could imagine with apps, and they have advanced web browsing capabilities. It’s not hard to imagine a future world where everything is controlled remotely from a device like the iPad, making it more than just a computer.

This is all speculation, of course. However, if we look at the response to Apple’s past products, it’s unlikely that the iPad will “flop.” Even now, competitors have come out with their own tablet-like computers, and many others are developing a product that they feel is better. As these products are made, the price will go down, allowing more people to afford one. Eventually, there will be a huge amount of people with an iPad like device, which could lead to much more personalized computing.

Guest post by Michael Collins, a freelance writer for Pingo.com, which provides virtual international calling cards online.

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