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When it comes to electronic devices, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac, etc, Apple does a dynamite job, however when it comes to accessories at times their products leave something to be desired. Such is the case with the iPad stand/dock. Sure, it docks the iPad, charges it, and is small but sturdy. However in some crazy way of thinking the designers of the dock failed to think that just maybe, perhaps, people would be purchasing a COVER for their iPad…even more importantly the APPLE case.

I can understand if Apple doesn’t take into consideration third-party purchases, but if you bought both (Apple Dock and Apple Case) you found yourself in a bind, as they are not compatible with each other as-is. You can use the dock, or you can use the cover, but they do not mingle, do not get along, and certainly are not in a steady relationship. One would think that Apple products would work together, but in this case, they do not, unless you want to cut your case to make it work…but ummm, yea, that’s not ideal. Sorry Apple.

Enter third-party products.

iPod and iPhone users have been bombarded with third-party products for their devices for years, now the iPad people get into the mix as well. One such product is BookArc for the iPad, which essentially displays your iPad at an angle for viewing. So how does it perform? Let’s take a look…

BookArc works with the cover open or closed

Can I charge my iPad? Yes, you can, but the BookArc is NOT a docking station, meaning it is simply a stand, so you will have to use your iPad cable. The ‘arc” of BookArc elevates the stand/iPad to allow easy access for your cable.

Can I use it in landscape? Yes, the BookArc works in both portrait or landscape orientations, unlike the Apple Dock.

How sturdy is it? Will my iPad fall over? It’s pretty darn sturdy. Using the touchscreen while on the stand will not tip it over. I assume if you pushed it hard enough (like in a rapid fire game) it may knock it over, but it’s not going to just simply fall out or tip from normal use.

Is it going to scratch my iPad? No, the tiny slot that holds the iPad is small enough and soft enough not to damage your beautiful device.

Will the device, BookArc, slip on a table? No, the “feet” are coated with a rubber piece that keeps the stand in place nicely.

Is the iPad at an angle while on the stand? That’s actually the beautiful thing. BookArc comes with two inserts for your stand. The first allows the iPad to sit comfortably in landscape or portrait with no case, easily. The second, adds a smaller pad to the BookArc slot that will allow many cases to fit. However, if your case DOESN’T fit or work with the second insert, simply remove the inserts completely, this worked fine with our test of the Apple case on the iPad.  Also, by turning the BookArc around, the angle at which the iPad is viewed when in the stand changes.  Perfect!

So I can use the BookArc with my case? It may take a few tries to find which insert works best, or if you need one at all, but I had no problems using it with the Apple iPad Case.  It will obviously not work with ALL cases, but if yours is about the thickness of the Apple case you should be fine.

In conclusion hopefully you can see the benefits BookArc has over the official Apple Dock, I know I love it, and won’t even use the official dock now, and if that doesn’t satisfy you (who am I anyways), perhaps the fact that many Apple Stores will be carrying the product will. Finally a stand that is just as beautiful and elegant as the iPad itself.

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The author of this post is Jonathan “Red” Norman

“Jonathan” aka “ReDMoSqUi” aka “Jon” aka “Jack” aka “Red” is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and a Business Computer Technology teacher in North Carolina. Jon has worked on various websites since becoming interested in webdesign in the mid 90’s, including sites for bands such as Incubus and Dredg. “Red” is married with two children and has a weird obsession with technology, music, and Pittsburgh Penguins hockey! Contact me via email: jon (AT) or visit the link below to Buzz with me on Google.

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