iPad Daily App Of The Day | My Reading List

Our iPad app of the day is something that helps you manage all your future reads. “Read” on if you are looking for a way to get rid of post-it notes and get more organized…

My Reading Lists ($2.99)

My Reading List 1

Zack Shapiro of 59thirty has made a great app for everyone out there that would like to keep track of all their future reads.  If you are the type of person that keeps post-it notes or stickies all over the place with reminders of books you want to read then this is the perfect app to check out.

My Reading Lists has a very intuitive and simple interface that is integrated with Amazon.  All you do to add a book to your reading list is type the name of the book and/or the author and then it will search Amazon’s list of books.  Once you find the one you are looking for it will be added to your list of books.

When you are ready to buy one of the books on your list, you click the “buy” button and it takes you right to Amazon.com.  Currently you can have up to 99 books on your reading list.

I thought this app was really nice due to the simple interface and very simple feature-set.  Sometimes less is more and this app really proves that point.  It fills a great need for readers of lots of books that want to make even better use of their iPad. One future update I would love to see is a possible integration with the Kindle iPad app.

Check out My Reading List and get rid of those post-it notes once and for all!

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