BA Financial Calculator for the iPad | PadGadget

By Cristi | July 9, 2010

With mortgage rates at record lows, many people are looking to either purchase a new home or refinance the one they’re in now.  If you’re in real estate (or any other finance related business or studies), you might want to check on the new BA Financial Calculator for iPad from California-based Vicinno Soft.

Complete with a cup of coffee, note pads and a crumbled up piece of paper, BA Financial Calculator is designed to emulate the business standard Texas Instruments Business Analyst II Plus, this app contains the same layout, functions, algorithms, capabilities and key sequences.

It also has two modes of operation: standard calculator and worksheet. The standard calculator mode includes common mathematical operations, problems involving the time value of money and trigonometric functions.

Worksheet mode provides step-by-step instructions for calculating more complicated equations including amortization, depreciation, bond, and compound interest. All entries and results are saved in working memory providing easy access to recurring values.

Unlike the TI calculator, the numerical keypad on the iPad version is light gray with white numerals, its function keys are black with white symbols, and alternate characters are above each key in orange.  The only option for the keypad is English but users are able to access operating manuals in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, and Finnish from within the app.

 Additional features include:

  • Time-Value-of-Money calculations
  • Amortization schedules
  • Cash-Flow Analysis, Net Present Value, and Internal Rate of Return
  • Depreciation with four different methodologies
  • Break even, profit, and percent difference calculations
  • Bond prices and yields “to maturity” or “to call” calculations
  • 10 Memories for storage
  • Choice of Chain and Algebraic Operating System methods
  • Scientific capabilities, including log, sin, cos, etc.
  • Key click sounds enabled via Settings

If you’re studying accounting, economics, finance, marketing, mathematics, sciences, statistics or you just need a great financial calculator to use on the go without carrying an extra device, give BA Financial Calculator for iPad a try.  It’s available in the app store now for $4.99.


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