Fastcase Announces Free Legal Research App for the iPad | PadGadget

Fastcase, a comprehensive legal research service, announced the upcoming release of its free app for the iPad yesterday.  Billed as the “one App that no lawyer should leave home without,” Fastcase provides access to the company’s comprehensive database of nationwide law libraries containing state and federal case law and statutes.

With the requirement for increased mobility in more and more industries, Fastcase is positioning itself to be a forerunner when it comes to legal research on the go. Recently awarded the prestigious 2010 New Product of the Year Award by the American Association of Law Libraries for its iPhone app, Fastcase definitely recognizes the importance of the mobile market.  According to Ed Walters, CEO of Fastcase:

The future of legal research is mobile devices – ubiquitous computing and access anywhere.  The mobile platform is what’s next for legal research, and Fastcase is going to be a major player in this emerging market.
The new iPad app will provide features similar to those for the iPhone, with a few extras. Current Fastcase iPhone features include:
  • Free searchable library of American cases and statutes
  • Keyword (Boolean), natural language and citation search
  • Browse or search statutes
  • Customizable, sortable search results
  • Results automatically display number of citing cases
  • Go to most relevant paragraph of cases and statutes
  • Integrated research history
  • Save favorites for later use
  • Information updated daily

Among the features for the new iPad version are a new results list on a side panel in the document screen, as well as a new navigation environment for browsing statutes.  There are also plenty of customizable features and the more you use it, the better it works for you!

Fastcase for the iPad is a universal app and will work on both the iPhone and iPad.  The app is free but you’ll need to register an account to save favorites and customize search history. Look for Fastcase in the App Store in a few days.

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