Wired for iPad – New Features and New Price | PadGadget

After more than 90,000 copies sold since going on sale, Wired Magazine has returned with the July issue and plenty of updates. Without further ado, let’s get into the details.

The Wired app is now free to download. But, keep in mind you still have to buy the full issue of the magazine, which you can update with the new in-app purchase feature. You will be able to get both future and past issues from the same app. So, if you purchased the June issue, you’ll still have full access to that issue.

Another move by Condé Nast was to drop the price of the current issue compared to last month. The July issue is a dollar cheaper, which means you can purchase the issue for $3.99. We don’t know if this will be the official price going forward, or if the price will be reduced even more. Magazine representatives have mentioned the recent price cut is associated with their investigation of different business models.

If anything, the price drop at least shows the company is trying to figure out ways to make their content available more efficiently and at a cheaper price. I’m not one that will keep every single issue on my iPad. I’ll need that space for other things eventually. But, I like the fact the new Wired app gives me some flexibility to download old issues, or skip an issue and download it later as a back issue.

Several other features have found their way into the new magazine app. If you’re still thinking about downloading Wired onto your iPad, you no longer have to commit to the full magazine to see how it works. You’re now given a smaller preview with the magazine download. Finally, the app also provides 360 degree panoramas and an in-app browser for web content.

The new version of the Wired app is available now on the App Store. Click here to check out the new app.

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