Was the iPad Supposed to have a Gyroscope? | PadGadget

The recent teardown of an iPhone 4 and iPad by UBM TechInsights uncovered an empty slot on the iPad that matches the space for the 3-axis gyroscope found in the iPhone 4.  Based on their findings, TechInsights believes the next generation of iPads will have the same 3-axis gyroscope functionality currently found in the newest iPhone.

According to TechInsights’s Steve Bitton  ”there’s an almost-perfect spot (4mm x 4mm; the exact size of the MEMS gyro) for it, located right beside the iPad’s accelerometer.” Both the iPad and iPhone share several of the same components, so it’s not a stretch to think that the current iPad was originally going to have a 3-axis gyroscope chip. Why the chip was not included in the current iPad remains a mystery but Bitton believes it has something to do with a last minute change in chip suppliers.  The layout for the chip on the iPad does not match the pins layout found on the new iPhone but instead follows the layout found on a 3-axis gyro chip from InvenSense.

Speculation on new iPad features is already running rampant with many people guessing which iPhone 4 functionalities will find their way over to the iPad.  The iPhone’s gyroscope, camera and retina display are the three leading features we’ve seen requested by our readers over the past several weeks.  Only time will tell what new surprises Steve and Co. have in store for us next year.

[via MacRumors]

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