TaxProf Blog: More iPad Tax Adventures

Ipad Following up on last week’s post, How to Get Your Dean to Buy You an iPad: Forbes, A Financial Advice Wonk’s Further iPad Adventures: A New iPad User Finds Glitches and Gleans Solace and Enlightenment from Unlikely Sources, by Deborah L. Jacobs:

Just a week ago, in “A Financial Advice Wonk Falls For The iPad,” I described how I had fallen in love with the gizmo and was laboring to make it into a workhorse I could take with me on a trip to Tibet. (I was delighted to discover three U.S. Tax Code apps available, the cheapest for just 99 cents, and that I could manipulate the size of type on the iPad and ditch my reading glasses.)

Since then, I’ve run into some additional glitches, but also gotten some comic relief from the comments of other tax and law geeks. Robert W. Wood, of Wood & Porter in San Francisco, who writes frequently for as the Tax Lawyer, wrote in an e-mail that he had enjoyed the column, “Plus, I learned that the Internal Revenue Code is worth 99 cents.” Paul L. Caron, [Associate] Dean at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, posted on his popular TaxProf Blog a mention of my column under the priceless headline: “How to Get Your Dean to Buy You an iPad.”

Ed Slott, a Rockville Centre, N.Y. CPA and IRA expert, noted that he had just received the Summer 2010 edition of what tax geeks call the IRC and regulations–eight books, each with thousands of pages in microscopic type–and could vicariously enjoy the thought of my “scanning through the Code in large type.” But he warned that together the IRC and regulations might be a memory hog for my iPad. “The Code is two volumes, the Regs (explaining the Code) is six volumes. You’ll have no room left for fun!” he warned. I appreciated his concern, but it turned out to be unfounded; the Code and Regs together consumed a mere 48.3 megabytes, and my iPad came with 64 gigabytes.

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