Hulu Subscription Service Could Come to iPad Next Week | PadGadget

I never thought I would miss analog video but I do. Digital is great, but when it comes to video from the internet, I hate the (signal loss lines) that show up with every drop in signal strength. When digital glitches audio or video ,it is horrible.

As a side note, when I first started watching HULU they had a thing called (HD Theater). HULU showed the pilot to “The Seeker”, in flawless high quality video which stunned everyone I showed it to. I loved it.
Now with the same equipment as before, all HULU programs start out perfect; but by the middle of the program, the video begins to show signs of reduced bandwidth and slightly shaky video and slowly degrading audio synchronization with the video; which remains until it finishes.
It is not a buffering issue. It is a HULU signal issue which does not happen on “You Tube” or “Google Video”.

With American business hungry for every penny, I do not think the future of online video will stay crystal clear, as bandwidth per user online decreases and costs per user online increase. It is a recipe for terrible video with the best equipment available.

If this is what is going to happen to video on the internet in the future, we might remember with fondness what clear digital video actually looked like.

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