Virtual Frog Dissection iPad App | PadGadget

Remember the overwhelming smell, slimy amphibians and squealing students when it was frog dissecting time in biology class?  Well Emantras has designed an iPad app intended to provide a detailed dissection while saving thousands of students and frogs from enduring the real-life experience.

Developed in conjunction with subject matter experts, this virtual app takes full advantage of the iPad’s touch screen and graphic abilities, to provide students with a realistic frog dissection.  It begins with step-by-step instructions and proceeds through the dissection process to a detailed labeling of internal organs.  To enhance learning, the app also allows users to view and review the lesson over and over.

Additional features include:

  • A chloroformed virtual frog
  • Dissection tools like pins, marker, scissors, scalpel, and forceps
  • Clear Instructions
  • Touch operated dissection
  • Dorsal side of the specimen
  • Opening the external skin and muscles of the specimen using digital tools
  • Individual organs viewed in large 3D imagery

I personally think there’s nothing like the real experience of dissecting an earthworm or frog during biology class, but this virtual app definitely sounds interesting.  I can’t wait to check it out!  It’ll be available in the App Store soon.

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