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Now that you’ve had you’re iPad for a while now, I’m sure you must of put it down once or twice. Have you noticed the iPad is kind of awkward, when trying to find a place to put it down? The iPhone and iPod Touch easily slips into your pocket, or fits on pretty much any flat surface, but it’s not that easy with the iPad.

There is an awesome dock that Apple released at the same time as the iPad, but at price tag of  $35, you’re probably not going to buy one for each room of the house. Neither am I, and that’s why I set out on a quest to find an alternative.

I have seen some tutorials on how to make your own iPad stand, but unless you use the proper materials and get it balanced just right, you risk having your iPad topple to the floor.

My solution, and cheapest I’ve found, is a generic plate stand. It is the perfect size for holding you iPad upright, on a flat surface, keeping your hands free for other things. Great in the kitchen for cooking. Awesome in the studio, for learning to play or sing a new song. Terrific on your desk, while using Air Display to have your iPad as a secondary monitor.

This little plastic doo-hickeys are dirt cheap, and can be found at most dollar stores. I found these on eBay. Nine of them for 1 dollar! This has got to be enough to have a stand in each room in the house.

So, have you found any interesting and innovative ways to hold up your iPad? Comment below!

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