iPad Multitasking App to Switch Apps running in Background | iPad Tutorials

If you are looking for a quicker solution to run multiple applications or say Multi Tasking feature on your Apple iPhone or Apple iPad before the Official iOS4 is released, then the Circuitous App the best stuff for you. You can install this only on the Jailbroken iPad or Jailbroken iPhones and through the Cydia Application.

To get started tap on the Cydia App and then tap on the search button and search for ‘Circuitous’ which is a custom app switcher. This application is useful for the iPad users because they get a huge display screen area while the iPhone has a very limited screen area to manage all this stuff. You will be given with a Dock on the right side section of your screen which would have all the apps which are currently opened. You can tap on this and then switch to the App within seconds without the need to close all of these running apps.

Circuitous iPad App

Once the application is installed you will have to tap on the new ‘Circuitous’ icon from the Home Screen. You need to restart the device complete to set it up and start using it. Once restarted you will be shown with a message as ‘Welcome to Circuitous 2.2 and DisplayControl 2.0′. Go configure your preferences in the settings app. Tap on the Settings button which will display the Main Settings section of your device and under the Extensions section you will find this app settings.

Circuitous iPad Activators Preferences

Now this is the section where in you can configure all the settings to run the app. Once you have selected the preferences like the location where you want the Display controller to be displayed, while the applications are running and also while you are on the Home screen. All the running apps would then be displayed in the form of a small window when you tap on the application. Another best part is that this app allows you to Free Up Memory which is normally available as a paid application.

MultiTasking iPad Apps

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