Ikea Hack: Plywood Stool Becomes Bedtime Laptop Movie Stand | Gadget Lab

Google IKEA’s bent-plywood Benjamin stool and the first couple pages of results are almost all hacks, from doggy dining tables to support for pin-boards for corporate brainstorming. This ingenious bed laptop stand may be the best of them all.

The $20 Benjamin stool is simple and beautiful already, its flat top as suited to use as a table as it is to supporting lazy people’s rears. The plywood construction means that it is very easy to cut, and this is just what DIY blog ManMade did, shortening the legs to make the surface sit a few inches above the covers. ManMade also added an extension cable and a pair of cable-corralling towel hooks to the mix, but these are strictly optional.

I currently use an upturned aluminum baking tray as my go-to stand when watching movies in bed, but I’m sold on the Benjamin for the extra height and way nicer looks.

Better still, this mod itself could be reused as a convenient place to keep the coffee pot when starting work with the iPad in the morning. What, you don’t start work in bed? Sadly, it the Benjamin has been discontinued by Ikea, but the hack is still sound.

How To: Make a Laptop Riser for Watching Movies and TV in Bed [ManMade via LifeHacker]

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