Editorial: ESPN bypasses corporate red tape with iPad and Xbox 360, wannabe innovators should take note — Engadget

So, there’s two ways to look at this. One would be to gawk at the fact that ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports broadcasting, is using iPads and Xbox 360 consoles — common devices that are widely available to mere mortals — to drive content to millions of consumers. Another would be to gawk at the fact that ESPN has somehow managed to keep its finger on the pulse of innovation, despite being swallowed by Disney and being a part of one of the planet’s most monolithic corporations. Thankfully for you, we’re going to cover both angles here. Our eyes were opened after stepping foot in the company’s Bristol headquarters and really getting a feel for how the company views technology and its integration into programming, and it led us to a philosophical conclusion about how corporations should (but oftentimes aren’t) be taking advantage of what’s readily available. Ready to get schooled? Head on past the break.

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