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Good morning! Today is a significant day in Canadian history–the iPad has launched! On top of the people who pre-ordered their iPads (which are on schedule to arrive today), many are lining up across Apple Stores from coast to coast. Here are some of the latest pictures that have been emailed to me, or posted up on twitter via the hashtag #ipadincanada. Thanks to everyone for sending in their pics!

Market Mall in Calgary via Steve Yanover:

Nile Livesey from Perpetual Radio outside Square One store in Mississauga (strategically beside a stack of newspapers) in the early morning:

…and the line continues to grow:

More from Scorlik on twitter:

Geniuses bring bottled water and Starbucks brings coffee to the people in iPad lineup via wrifster:

Another massive line up via AllieKosela, Eaton Centre in T-dot:

Early line ups at the new Southgate Edmonton Apple Store via iPhoneArena (nice work on being at the front of the line!):

The first person in line at the Apple Store Pacific Centre in Vancouver (camera shy!) via Gillian Shaw:

Line up outside the Montreal Apple store downtown via jfmartin67:

Thanks to everyone for these great pictures!

Update 1: Here are some fantastic shots from Anirudh Koul:

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