Dejumble 2 Beta Preview | MacApper

About two years ago I reviewed Dejumble. Now ThinkingCode is preparing the release of Dejumble 2.0, which is now in open beta. This new version brings a refreshed design with tons of new features to make it even easier to manage your tasks.

The new user interface keeps the same basic look of Dejumble, but makes it look even better. There’s a new tab bar on top that lets you switch between your main inbox and all of your projects. It’s easy to create a new task by just clicking the “New Task” button on the bottom or the icon on the top. You can add tags to these tasks by just using a hash tag. You can then search for these tags, or click on a tag, to quickly view all the tasks with that specific tag.

One of my favorite things about Dejumble 2.0 are the subtasks. In the notes section for a task you can easily add a subtask by typing a “-” in front of the subtask. This will add a check box to that line in the note and you can check these off to mark when they are done.

Projects have also been improved in Dejumble. You can view all of your projects by switching to the projects tab on the top. Here you can see all of your projects on the left bar, and switch between them by just clicking. Clicking the small plus icon will let you create a new project.

Dejumble 2.0 keeps the same powerful structure of Dejumble but adds a beautiful new interface and some useful new features. During beta the application is available to pre-order for a discounted price at $20. The full price will be $39. You can try out the beta yourself by downloading it at the Dejumble website.

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