AT&T Wants to Know About Your iPad Experience | PadGadget

About a month after the 3G iPad launched, it looks like AT&T wants to know how happy you are with your new purchase.  AT&T began e-mailing surveys to select 3G customers late this afternoon, in order to “better understand your experience with the iPad.”  The surveys focus on the customer’s buying experience, their satisfaction with the iPad and how the device is used in daily life. Several of the survey questions focus on how customers are using their iPad’s built-in WiFi and AT&T’s 3G wireless service.  The survey contains roughly 40+ questions, of which a third are WiFi and 3G wireless related.

AT&T has been dealing with large data consumption and growth on their network ever since Apple’s successful  launch of the iPhone.  In response, AT&T recently announced they would offer free WiFi to users in New York’s Times Square to help deal with increased congestion on their 3G network.  The launch is part of a pilot program meant to help offload some of the data traffic when users surf the web or stream Internet media from sites such as YouTube. If successful, AT&T said they may expand the service to other cities experiencing high data usage.

AT&T is the exclusive carrier in the US for the iPad and iPhone and is of course very interested in keeping this exclusivity intact with Apple.  This results of this survey might help shape AT&T’s future WiFi plans, gauge how iPad usage will impact their network and determine how best to deal with the deluge of new customers surfing the web and using the Internet.

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