Review : BrainShake for the iPad | The Apple iPad Fan

BrainShake for the iPad has become a quick hit on a platform that is still very new, rising to the #1 free download spot in many countries, but that status of “Free” won’t last long!  Better pick it up fast! So what is BrainShake and why is it #1? It’s a combination of Simon Says and Bop-It. It’s nicely put together, the graphics are well done, sounds and performance of the app are top notch, and the game-play is very easy to understand. These are important staples for anything that takes up my precious gigabytes on the iPad.

So how DO you play? It’s pretty simple really. You hold the iPad in front of you and the “Brain Bot” gives you commands. The commands are easy enough, “Squeeze Me, Pull Me, Switch Me, Twist Me”. You listen to and see the commands and must perform them to the corresponding “device” on the iPad screen and they become more and more challenging as you move along. The speed or rate at which they are given increases, as well as the time allowed to make the moves decreases.

From time to time the entire game-board flips, causing havoc and making it difficult to find the target before time expires. So why is called BrainShake? Besides the fact that your brain is all mixed up trying to perform the maneuvers correctly, every now and again you’ll hear, “BrainShake” and you have to shake the iPad. I’d recommend holding on tight and not shaking TOO hard….ya know this is a device that costs a “few” dollars.

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