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The next time you lease or buy a Mercedes, there’s a good chance your sales person will do the paperwork on a shinny new iPad.  Mercedes-Benz Financial, the finance arm of German luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz, announced they are embracing the iPad and making it an integral part of their dealer point-of-sales system. Mercedes-Benz Financial is the first car company to give dealers access to their back-office sales system called MB Advantage.

The integration of the iPad will allow sales people to quickly get information on specific car models along with any associated marketing programs.  According to Mercedes, the system will also speed the sales process by allowing dealers to quickly process a customer’s credit application and increase both speed and efficiency when a customer returns their leased vehicle.

“We see the iPad providing wireless mobility, information and flexibility on the showroom floor,” said Andreas Hinrichs, Vice President of Marketing for Mercedes-Benz Financial. “The iPad will provide a competitive advantage to our dealers by increasing their service levels through a more flexible financing process.”

Mercedes-Benz Financial will initially distribute iPads to 40 selected US dealers so they can test the system over the summer. Once the test is completed and the results evaluated, Mercedes-Benz will then potentially launch the system to all Mercedes-Benx dealers by the end of the year.

We have seen several car companies start to embrace the iPad as a marketing tool. We previously reported on Mercedes’ use of the iPad in their state-of-the-art museum in Stuttgart, Germany.  Mercedes continues to innovate and they are one of the first companies we have seen to actually integrate the iPad into their IT system and use the iPad as a mobile business tool.  We expect to see this trend continue in the enterprise market.

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